About Rosalie B. Kahn
About Rosalie B. Kahn

Rosalie B. Kahn is a prolific writer, hands-on-healer, teacher and lecturer of spiritual growth concepts. She helps others on their journey and search for spiritual enlightenment.

Rosalie’s third book, My Healing Heart, published in 2011, is the true story of how she overcame difficulties and challenges associated with childhood sexual abuse through applying spiritual principles.

Her career in the US Foreign Service spanned a period of over twenty-six years, during which time she traveled worldwide. Rosalie formed spiritual growth groups in many countries overseas based on her studies and the work of Edgar Cayce. 

Rosalie dedicates her time to doing healing work and teaching spiritual growth classes, helping people all over the world overcome serious illnesses and to effectively deal with the stress involved in living through these times of great change. 

She uses the tools she has acquired over many decades to assist people in regaining their personal power through learning about and applying spiritual growth concepts, including dream interpretation.

Rosalie was born in New York City. She is married to Guillermo Lopez, a Chilean. They live on the coast of Chile in South America