Eternal Love - the Austrian Connection

A Spiritual Journey of Love's Triumph Through Time

Filled with exciting twists and a journey that spans several hundred years, Rosalie B. Kahn's Eternal Love will capture your imagination, from its historical beginning in the 1700s in Austria, to its mind-boggling and heartfelt conclusion in the present day.

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Maria Theresa, the young daughter of the Holy Roman Emperor from the famous Habsburg Dynasty, is, at eighteen, engaged to a handsome prince from Lorraine, France. Their star-crossed love story will tug at your heart. Forced to live a life without the love that she had hoped and dreamed about, at the young age of twenty-three, Theresa becomes Empress of the Holy Roman Empire. Her trials and tribulations as empress are compounded by her constant pregnancies and a husband who is a philanderer. Despite this, one of Theresa’s main objectives is to eradicate the dreaded smallpox disease of the time, especially in children.

Always wondering about her lost love, Theresa comes to understand, eventually, that the true nature of love is eternal and cannot die.

Artfully weaving historical fact with fiction, Rosalie B. Kahn weaves a fascinating tale of everlasting love through centuries and continents in this first book of the Eternal Love series. She intricately connects the past and the present with twists and turns that will keep you wondering what is coming next. Her conclusions will surprise and excite you.

By the end of this fictional historical novel, you will be asking yourself if you have lived before, if love survives death, and if you have royal roots!