My Healing Heart

My Healing Heart is the simple, true story of Rosalie's search for God and love.

Her quest began early in life, catalyzed by a painful childhood marked by sexual and emotional abuse.

As this story unfolds, you are given a window into Rosalies trials, tribulations, and joys during her lifelong search for love and truth. Its her story, but its also your story.

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If you suffered from abuse or some other form of betrayal, no one taught you how to make sense of what happened. No one showed you how to heal. No one gave you a map of how to communicate your feelings without harming yourself or others in the process.

My Healing Heart will help you to understandthrough Rosalies challenges, heartaches, and personal healingsthat you have a multitude of resources for overcoming your own obstacles. You will learn through her experiences and through her wisdom gained from applying the philosophies and teachings of respected spiritual masters like Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet. You will also share her journey across several continents during her twenty-six-year career in the US Foreign Service.

After reading My Healing Heart, you will have no doubt that your heart can also be healed.